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Hello, I'm Erin. I'm from Leeds. I write poems, perform my poems and run workshops. This where you'll find information about all that. I teach poetry and creative writing to all ages and write for celebrations, organisations and individuals. Get in touch if you have questions or thoughts about anything I might be able to help with.

Poetry related work has been my job for about six years. I've performed at and written for all sorts of big, small, weird and wonderful places and companies. My favourite jobs are the ones I would never be able to imagine before they're happening. 

My first collection of poems 'Alternate Endings' was published in 2020 by Burning Eye Books and can be ordered here. 




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I run poetry, creative writing and performance workshops for all ages in schools, libraries, businesses and anywhere in between. I believe that engaging with language and poetry in this way can enhance and improve confidence, literacy and critical thinking skills. I have seen first hand the impact this form of self-expression can have and think it is incredibly beneficial for everyone. Sessions can be themed and tailored to meet the needs of all ages and levels of experience.

I run full day, half day and lesson long sessions as well as poetry clubs, poetry slams and sessions for those who work with young people. I have worked extensively in schools so have a thorough understanding of the curriculum which helps me to meet the needs of teachers and students alike.


Erin tackled a difficult subject brilliantly. She made it fun without glossing over the nature of the topic at all. The Children created some incredibly  thought provoking poems.

Helen Cleaves

Kingston Grammar School 

Erin's down to earth approach and informal performance of her fresh and original style forced our students to reconsider their understanding of what poetry is. Her boundless enthusiasm and energetic encouragement enabled our students to explore what poetry can be.

What was so impressive was the creativity Erin sparked in the children, their poems were amazing. The session was so much fun and made me want to write too!

Lorraine Cappoccia
Mandeville Primary School 

Naomi Watson
Ivydale Primary School 

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