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★ ★ ★ ★

"Honest and captivating, Erin creates discussions about the unspoken and also breaks your heart a little." Voice Mag 

How do we remember those who have died?
Why are we so attached to their stuff? 
Have you ever pictured your own funeral?
I have. 

I've pictured yours too. 
Not everyone will be in black and at least one person will just be there for the buffet.


What We Leave Behind explore loss and legacy using wit, warmth and funeral tunes. 

The show was originally developed with support from The Roundhouse and Arts Council England and will be playing at The Warren as part of Brighton Fringe in May. 

I am also currently developing some related workshops for Leeds Bereavement Forum. 

Please use the contact form to enquire about booking the show. 

B U Y  T H E  B O O K 

What We Leave Behind is published by Burning Eye Books BX3 imprint. It contains an abridged version of the live show, related poems, lots of buffet chat and a Match Of The Day cameo. 

The text will be available here again soon, but is available here in the meantime. 

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